Hermann Welcomes Group Tours

Throughout the year we entertain many groups that travel by motorcoach and AMTRAK. Hermann has abundant opportunities for group travelers. Our Group Services Coordinator will work with you to create a customized itinerary based on interest, the amount of time, and the needs of your group. We will make all of the arrangements, with the exception of meals. Group menus will be provided upon request.

To enhance your experience, Chamber Ambassadors are available to provide Local Guide Service and Narrated Tours of the Historic Districts of Hermann for a nominal fee. Whether stopping in for a quick lunch, a whole day, an overnight, or as part of a hub and spoke tour, Hermann will be sure to delight! 

Group Service Providers


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To learn more or schedule an itinerary, contact Group Services

Please note: Bus parking is available in a designated lot on Gutenberg Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets.