Fiery Skies and Weekday Vibes: Find the Slower Pace of Hermann in the Fall

Fall, in Hermann, is a festive time, with spirited celebrations taking place every weekend in October at our renowned Oktoberfest. But if a slower pace is what you crave, Hermann is the perfect town to explore, especially Sundays through Wednesdays when crowds are minimal, and the town is ripe with opportunities to explore and picturesque scenery to enjoy.

From food and drinks (weekday wine and spirits tasting? Yes, please!), to shopping and soaking up the natural beauty of the outdoors, Hermann offers a variety of activities no matter how you want to plan your visit.

Changing Seasons and Leaf Peeping

Hermann boasts a diversity of trees and shrubs, making its fall foliage truly a sight to behold. Native to the area, dogwood, hickories, maples, black gum, sassafras, sumac, and Virginia creepers dominate the riverbanks and natural areas.

Starting in September and spanning into mid-November, gold, red, and bronze hues create a spectacular view.

Get a birds’ eye view of the river valley and Missouri hills from atop 300-foot bluffs at the Grand Bluffs Conservation Area. Formed by the river, the bluffs are a designated Natural Area and are a known nesting area for Canada Geese. It’s a trek to the top of the trail, so be sure to pack your hiking boots.

Fiery Skies at Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and sunset are magnificent in Hermann, and with the many rolling hills, there’s no shortage of places to view a beautiful panorama full of vibrant colors. Whether you choose to enjoy live music or set up a picnic overlooking the Missouri River, you can’t miss the beautiful natural display that makes Hermann special. 

Many RV and tent camping options, luxury suites, historic homes and cozy cottages have stunning views and the perfect place to rest once the sun sets. And once you’re up and at ‘em, Hermann has a variety of restaurants that offer unique and specialty morning brews.

Get Your Binoculars Ready

Birders love watching feathered friends from Daniel Boone and Little Lost Creek Conservation Areas, which offers the perfect habitat for migrating and breeding forest birds like Wood Thrush, Red-eyed Vireo, Kentucky Warbler, Worm-eating Warbler, Black-and-white Warbler, and the Ovenbird.

And while there are many birds, you also may find yourself lucky enough to see other wildlife like deer, squirrels, and even a turkey or two. 

Check Out the Murals of Hermann

If you love murals, Hermann is a great city to discover these art pieces both in prominent places and off the beaten path. Located at venues indoors and outdoors, Hermann’s array of murals nod to history and German roots. Each depiction has its own story to tell.

We’ve created a mini mural guide with history, addresses, and nearby attractions, but there’s always more to discover on your own.

Travel Your Way

Travel through Hermann via foot, wheels, or rails. Visitors can walk or cycle to restaurants, shops, and tasting rooms, and the Amtrak Missouri River Runner stops in Hermann daily.

Need more info? Call or email the Visitor Information Center, and once you’re in Hermann, be sure to stop by our location at 301 Wharf Street for brochures and other information.

Spend the night in Hermann!