Looking for a fun and relaxing way to discover more about Hermann? The Hermann walking tours are a great option for those looking to explore the rich history of the charming German town. Walking tours allow you to stroll at your own pace through Hermann’s idyllic streets to learn about the early settlers and the hard work and perseverance that have made the picturesque town what it is today.

With plenty of options, there’s a walking tour for everybody

Easy-to-follow maps are available for each of the self-guided tours. All you have to do is follow their instructions, and you’re ready to begin your journey!

As you walk along the town’s inviting streets, your map will point out some of Hermann’s oldest and most- fascinating historical locations. Read about each landmark and you’ll be able to envision 19th-century Hermann life. Choose one of the different tour options to further explore whichever area of Hermann history most interests you—or try them all!

Bayer Walking Tour

On the Bayer Walking Tour you will learn about the tragic story of George Bayer and his role in Hermann’s founding during the 1830s. As you walk this uphill path (just slightly over a mile long), you’ll get a glimpse of the history of Hermann’s wine industry, as well as the chance to visit a historical cemetery— the site where Mr. Bayer himself is buried!

Hermann City Park Walking Tour

The Hermann City Park Walking Tour has a lot to offer! You’ll begin this excursion at the beautiful and historic Rotunda, which was built in 1864 and used for agricultural fairs and community events. Along the way, you’ll learn about several residents from Hermann’s past who made their livelihood growing grapes and making wine.

Hermann Riverfront Walking Tour

Those interested in the daily lives of early Hermann settlers will find this tour particularly appealing. The Hermann Riverfront Walking Tour will guide you along a path of historic Hermann buildings, like the Gasconade County Courthouse, the concert hall, and historic school. Viewing these landmarks that overlook the river will make you feel you’ve been transported to a different time and place.

Historic Buildings of East Second Street Walking Tour

This tour, while less than a half mile long, is filled with stories from a simpler time. The Historic Buildings of East Second Street Walking Tour is a tribute to how well-preserved the Hermann history is. As you stroll along, you will discover where some of the first people to reside in Hermann lived and worked. Pay attention to the exquisite detail and solid structures of these buildings—the architecture is amazing!

The chance to enjoy what once was

As time passes, it is a unique opportunity to be able to look back and relive the joys and struggles of Hermann’s first settlers. From the stories of early winemakers and musicians to farmers and more, Hermann has a rich history that is readily available for anyone to explore. If you’re looking to learn something you didn’t know about the quaint town’s rich history, consider checking out one (or all) of Hermann’s historic walking tours! It’s a great way to spend a late summer or fall day!

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