Smooth and milky, a little nutty, maybe straight-up bitter…how would you describe an utterly divine piece of chocolate? Everyone feels differently about this. Chocolate tasting can be a bit like sampling wine—people are passionate about their opinions. Whether you love the texture of dried blueberries or crushed almonds, desire the lingering amaretto or maybe even spicy pepper—chocolate is as versatile as it is uniquely delicious. While taste is subjective, one thing is for sure, the popularity of this treat is undeniable.

Visitors to Hermann are spoiled with two dedicated sweet shops in their midst, but in addition, local restaurants serve drool-worthy chocolate pastries and Hermann nightclubs know just how to mix those dessert liquors topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup—talk about indulgence! You’ll find a prominent love for chocolate in boutique shops, coffee bistros and wineries, too. Local wine-makers are quick to offer chocolate as a pairing tool or even to provide tasty gourmet samplings in their gift shops. When you are a visitor to Hermann, you’ll definitely want to pick up some of these beautiful and oh-so-tasty confections while you are here. 

Why Does Chocolate Taste So Good?

Chocolate originates from the cacao tree, and quite honestly, it is lackluster in its pure form. The bean itself is cultivated, roasted and ground before it ever resembles the delicate treat renowned around the globe. The basic make-up of the acclaimed chocolate that we are used to is simply fat and sugar coming together with the complex and easily distinguished flavor of cacao. Our senses become keenly aware of this smell and taste early in life—even though it would never naturally occur in the hills of Hermann or even in the United States! 

In the end, the mystery behind the inarguable allure of chocolate remains. There is nothing truly addictive about it, yet the desire for this specific flavor is paramount when choosing desserts. You may not be able to put your finger on why chocolate is so delicious, but we can all agree…it is!

‘Tis the Season

According to some, “Chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac food since the time of the Aztecs. Chocolate is said to contain a substance that inflames desire and makes the beloved one more open to romance.” This might shed some light on why chocolate is such a staple this time of year. As we approach the season of pink and red, of hearts and cupids, chocolate is most certainly a requirement, too. In fact, almost 60 million pounds of chocolate is purchased in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day! 

To fully embrace the nature of wine tasting in Hermann, consider attending the Chocolate Wine Trail, a special February event showcasing the exquisite combination of chocolate bites paired with local wines. Whether you are picking up chocolate for yourself (we all know that the “mom stash” is a thing), for your Valentine, or to share with friends, you will find a phenomenal selection in Hermann. From mouth-watering, handsomely created truffles to chocolate beers and the quintessential chocolate-covered strawberry—the appreciation for chocolate in this vineyard village is palpable. 

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