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Cigar Fuma Tasting Seminar

HogsHead Lounge 301 Schiller Street, Hermann

Educate your palate with this unique tasting opportunity! You cannot fully understand a premium cigar until you understand its ingredients.  So we've created a cigar-tasting seminar in which each component leaf of the cigar (called a fuma) has been rolled individually into small "cigars". During this seminar, you will taste the nuance of each leaf


Tasting & Making Sourdough Bread

HogsHead Lounge 301 Schiller Street, Hermann

Join us for this fun and informative class! The Cultured Cantina, a Jefferson City based naturally fermented food and drink company, will be on site to teach us how to make sourdough bread! This will be a hands on class, and all participants will take home their own mixed and kneaded bread to bake. For


The Wine Experience: From the Vineyard to the Palate!

HogsHead Lounge 301 Schiller Street, Hermann

Have you ever wanted to learn the exact differences between the flavors of the grapes that make a pure Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon? Join us for this unique opportunity to learn from a true sommelier! Our sommelier, Rick, will walk you through each varietal from the vineyard to your palate in this educational