Opt for Outdoors this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day feasts and football sure do kick the holidays off right! Why not carve out a little time to make a small salute to your health as well? You may not be a family that traditionally begins your holiday morning with a Turkey Trot—but maybe it’s time to try something new!

Trot your turkey with friends…

Wake up early, bundle up, go OUTSIDE, run…which, let’s face it, is TOUGH. But if you really want to ring in the holiday—or maybe you’d like to earn that indulgent Thanksgiving feast planned for later in the day—then the Turkey Trot is for you! 

Ask anyone who has already uncovered the secret—this is a fun annual tradition! A Turkey Trot on the morning of Thanksgiving is guaranteed to set a festive and accomplished mood for the busy day ahead. You surely won’t regret it. Register here.

Maybe you haven’t replaced your running shoes recently enough to feel confident about racing? It really is okay to walk the course, which might take an hour at the most. You’ll leave with the same invigorated energy to put toward the other activities you have planned with loved ones later in the day. 

Not a fan of the crowd? You are encouraged to check out the area hiking trails in Hermann—a quick mile walk to start your day will have you genuinely shocked at how many others are out doing the same. What a fantastic Thanksgiving morning pastime!

Think outside the kitchen to take full advantage of the day!

For many of you, the morning is simply too busy. Preparing food, cleaning and chores must be done before the guests arrive. But here are a few fun ways to get active on Thanksgiving Day between the baking and dishes.

Start by sending someone (without their hands full) into the garage to track down the tire pump. Make sure the old pigskin (football) is plump and the bike tires are ready to roll. Yard darts, washers and cornhole are all such easy games to set up ahead of time that will keep your guests from turning to their devices.

While eating and watching television certainly have a role in the day, there are lots of other memory-making activities to enjoy. Encourage the younger members of your party to put on their own Thanksgiving parade. Set up a puzzle table or ornament craft station.

Definitely plan to get outside post-meal. A walk makes for an excellent opportunity to decompress and digestion is always better with a little activity after such a feast. For those of you going light anyway, plan an evening bike ride on the KATY trail.

There are a plethora of quick tours and sightseeing options in Hermann. Did you know that the area is rich with art, right on the streets? If the family is all here, you could visit a memorial for a loved one who has passed. Being thankful for family history is a unique way to seize the day. 

Thanksgiving blue skies are a perfect opportunity for great family pictures while you are gathered together. You’ll find endless spots downtown to stage incredible shots, with sprawling properties covered in autumn leaves to gorgeous historic building facades. Remind your guests to pack a piece of buffalo plaid, and let your imagination run wild!

If your party feels so inclined, make it a Thanksgiving tradition to make a donation to a food pantry or go pull names from an angel tree. It is a great time to be charitable, as you take time to reflect on your own fortunes with those you cherish. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Hermann!

Thanksgiving is such an exciting time for family and friends, it truly is a day to be thankful for where you are and what you have. So, this Thanksgiving, consider more than just toasting to health. Get your mind and body active on this day of celebration and opt for outside in Hermann! Make your Thanksgiving holiday the fullest it can be! 

Be sure to check out all the post-Thanksgiving events in Hermann, too! Participate in the lantern parade, caroling and the annual tree lighting this Friday! And, Small Business Saturday is a perfect time to get Christmas shopping done locally!