Calling All Amateur Sausage Making Afficiendados!

The German-American Rivertown of Hermann is gearing up for Wurstfest, a celebration appropriate for the season of traditionally smoked and preserved meats. With vendors presenting their culinary skills from all over the state, sausage is the star of the show! The festival takes place at the end of March so there is plenty of time to brush up on the skills required to make the coveted “banger” or the spicy dry snack stick. For those of you ready to test out your home-sausage-making skills, don’t miss the 41st Annual Statewide Amateur Sausage Contest!

About the Contest 

Now is the time to pull out the old meat grinder, gather your seasonings, spices, and casings, and crank up the stuffer. Start prepping that trophy deer meat from your own harvest for this annual statewide sausage contest. Categories in the amateur contest include Jerky, Summer Sausage, Snack sticks, Fresh Sausage, Cooked or Smoked Sausage and Cooked or Smoked Unique. To enter, contestants register their entries the Saturday, March 28th, of Wurstfest at the Hermannhof Festhalle on Gutenberg Street.

Amateur participants will have their “Best Wurst” judged before a panel of industry, celebrity, and academia judges for the “Wurst Bragging Rights”. First place winners receive a bottle of wine and a plaque. New to the awards and accolades this year, an amateur member will be elected to the Wurstfest Hall of Fame! 

According to Wurstfest committee member and Hall of Fame member Mike Sloan, these contestants spend countless hours during the sausage-making season grinding, mixing, stuffing and smoking sausage for their families, friends, and neighbors. He also says that this “labor of love” creates a social atmosphere that is anticipated every year. 

We Hope to See You There!

A deeply-rooted German Tradition, sausage-making is much more than just prolonging a harvest. Maintaining an authentic process and sharing this history strikes a primal chord with those who spend the time practicing it. Wurstfest is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this society of sausage. Plan to spend a little time in Hermann…see the sights, drink the wines and learn about this age-old art of preparing sausage the German way! While you’re here, make sure to check out the 41st Annual Statewide Amateur Sausage Contest!

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