It Is the Best of Times…Because It’s the Wurst of Times!

Wurstfest in Hermann takes place on March 27-29th. If you and your crew love the idea of a weekend filled with authentic German tastes, Visit Hermann and get to know your wurst!

1.  German sausage.

Wurstfest is an annual celebration of the foods and culture that built the town of Hermann. First settled in the late 1800’s by German immigrants, this area has been heavily influenced by the German’s industrious wine-making knowledge, as well as their traditional recipes. From sour pickled delicacies and salty cured meats—German fare treats all of the senses. But the star of this show will always be the infamous German sausage.

Traditional Tastes: Sausage Favorites at Wurstfest

Let’s dive in and see what sausage means to Wurstfest. This three-day Hermann festival puts sausage center stage. With opportunities for sampling, speaking with the experts and making purchases, guests will leave feeling like true sausage connoisseurs. Sausage making, though still an essential process for preserving meat, has climbed the ranks to become considered a specialty food. Following authentic processes, extreme care to preparation method and the addition of high-quality ingredients such as spices, dried herbs, fruits, veggies or cheeses, lend delicious and unique flavor combinations.

There are some fantastic flavors and textures at your disposal during the event. Of course, your favorites are always on hand for enjoymentwith 60 flavors of gourmet flavored bratwursts, 30 flavors of shelf-stable summer sausage and snack sticks, even Polish sausage and Italian salamis, made by the area’s finest, all under 2 roofs. 

Surprise Yourself With New Flavors

Don’t shy away from trying new delectable sausage types just because of the name or process. Go back further in meat curing history to discover an entirely new world in traditional German sausage. Braunschweiger, a hearty, spreadable liver sausage, is amazing warmed in a panini or even cold on crackers. Schwartemagen, or head cheese, is not a dairy cheese at all. It is a terrine (or meat jelly) often made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig. Unique, yes. But upon tasting, you will swiftly recognize it’s definitely not scary. And blutwurst, if you can look past the dark crimson casing, this sausage made with dried blood and mixed with a grain filler is an authentic and rich German “must-try” sausage. We implore you to expand your experiences and taste some of these respected eats this year at Wurstfest!

Celebrating All Things Sausage at Wurstfest!

In addition to savoring the taste of sausages, you’ll find the “Wurst Theme” spilling over into costumes, contests, and even a wiener dog race! From sausage and kraut classes to a Volksmarch 5k, there are activities planned all weekend to keep you and your group busy and entertained with coveted German sausage as the focus! Period dress is all the rage at this festival and you are encouraged to dig out your old lederhosen, dirndl or stein harness to join the folks that are there to have a really good time! Make sure to fill out the Amateur Sausage Contest Entry Form if you think you have a worthy brat to enter the competition. And don’t worry about tracking down a dachshund if you don’t currently have one, the Wiener Dog Derby is hilarious fun to spectate! Find all of the great events scheduled for the weekend here at Visit Hermann!

Mark your calendars now for the 41st Annual Hermann Wurstfest in March! Bring your appetite, your thirst, and a cooler for your “Wurst Purchases Ever” at this one-of-a-kind shopping and sampling experience in beautiful Hermann!