Are you dreaming of sugar-plums dancing through your head yet? Or are you too busy with cleaning, buying food and gifts, making sleeping arrangements, and decorating the house? The holidays can be so stressful! 

Thankfully, Hermann guest houses provide options to help reduce your holiday worries, so that you can get back to enjoying this special time of year. From a weekend trip to a week-long stay, your guests will enjoy the colorful hillsides, culture-rich customs and incredible food and drink that Hermann longs to share.

Guesthouses in Hermann are private residences with fewer than 10 rooms that can be rented out to larger groups. With selections for every taste and budget, you will find that accommodating a large group is more comfortable than expected. These rentals are designed and decorated to impress. A stay in a Hermann guesthouse allows you to focus on cherished company, not stressful upkeep. Choose from a place in the historic district or along a sprawling country hillside. A stay in a Hermann guesthouse is sure to make lasting memories for your guests. 

Need more convincing? Here are six more reasons to check out Hermann Guest Houses this holiday season.

1.  A guest house eliminates the need to prepare your own home for visitors. Guesthouses have all of the modern amenities such as entertainment, kitchenware and high-speed internet, with none of the clutter and personal effects. 

2.  A guesthouse is designed with plenty of common space in mind for mingling, hosting and easy fellowship. Most guest houses also have creative floor plans maximizing sleeping areas for everyone’s comfort.

3.  With well-equipped kitchens, you have everything you need to create the perfect meals during your stay. But don’t feel you have to pack every little ingredient—Hermann is home to several markets that cater to visitor needs.

4.  The rental of a guesthouse is much more affordable than you might think. Check out all of the convenient Hermann lodgings with easy-to-use Book Direct.

5.  Hermann is a fantastic vacation spot! With exceptional entertainment, shopping and dining, your party will never be bored. Booking a stay in Hermann means that you can plan a visit to numerous award-winning wineries, breweries and distilleries. Many of the charming town’s venues also offer tours and live music year-round. Treat yourself and your guests to something special by visiting Hermann for the holidays. 

6.  Plus, several guest houses allow furry friends, too!

***BONUS IDEA: As Hermann is located conveniently along the Amtrak line, guests can make the actual trip an adventure with a train ride into town. Have you ever ridden a train? Doesn’t that sound like an incredible way to kick off the holidays!?

While this is an ideal time to organize intimate family gatherings and extended holiday celebrations for out-of-town guests—planning and preparing are hardly ever fun and relaxing. All exciting and memorable affairs include a hidden amount of work, which is why Hermann encourages you to approach this year’s occasion differently. Try for less hassle with a convenient stay at one of our many lovely guesthouses.

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