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Cigar Fuma Tasting Seminar

HogsHead Lounge 301 Schiller Street, Hermann

Educate your palate with this unique tasting opportunity! You cannot fully understand a premium cigar until you understand its ingredients.  So we've created a cigar-tasting seminar in which each component leaf of the cigar (called a fuma) has been rolled individually into small "cigars". During this seminar, you will taste the nuance of each leaf


Women & Whiskey: Whiskey 101

HogsHead Lounge 301 Schiller Street, Hermann

This event has been requested as a topic for our Ladies Night lineup. This seminar will be a simple breakdown of whiskey, in an easy-to-understand format for the newcomer to the whiskey world. Attendees will also have the opportunity to taste 3 different whiskeys (1/2 ounce pours--don't worry, you won't stumble out!) to help understand