When you think of ringing in the new year, do visions of champagne bottles, late-night toasts, and hopeful kisses come to mind? Don’t get caught up in believing the new year is simply a change in date. A brand new year is a perfect catalyst for growth, change, and perhaps, prioritizing yourself. Do you make a New Year’s resolution? The town of Hermann sure does!

After a long stretch of holiday indulgences, it’s time for a refreshing break in the chaos and maybe a little extra personal pampering. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed during this busy season of merriment. A chance to decompress and refocus is certainly welcome and could not have arrived sooner!

Calm your mind and reinvigorate your senses with these suggestions for taking care of you in the new year.

Resolutions at Home

Let’s think short-term and in your own corner of the world. There is something magical about picking up a new book. Embracing new characters, getting wrapped up in an exciting plot—this cold weather time of year is perfect for curling up and relaxing with a story. If it has been a while since you’ve had a good read, don’t wait any longer!

Putting away the decorations can naturally lead to cleaning-out and reorganizing cluttered spaces in your home. This is an excellent time for a “pre-spring” clean. Packing up a few bags to be donated or thrown out can have a very cathartic effect. A neat and orderly space often leads to enthusiasm and motivation in other parts of life.

Personal challenges are always a great kick-off to the new year! Whether they look like tightening up the reins on a diet, starting a simple workout program (have you tried any of the 100 rep challenges?) or maybe becoming versed in another language in 2020. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Get Outside and Move!

Treat gorgeous winter days like the gifts that they are. Get out and soak up the sun—Hermann has plenty of options to do just that!

Area hiking trails are convenient to town, and they are sure to get your heart rate up. If you are looking for entertainment while on the move, Hermann offers fantastic walking tours of several historic sites. Learn first-hand about this charming Old-World village and its past. 

Don’t forget about the Katy Trail! This 237-mile rail-to-trail is a priceless resource for area cyclists and runners. Spend your day logging a few flat, peaceful miles through the scenic countryside. It is easy to fuel up for such an adventure with delicious, locally-sourced foods offered by the restaurants and diners in Hermann.

You can always find the latest on local outdoor activities with the Hermann Calendar of Events

A resolution does not have to be an extreme, bold transformation. How about a simple one? Smile more. Forget turning over a new leaf and be the new leaf. In busy downtown Hermann, you have the chance to get out and say hello. Greet others out enjoying the town. Stop in and visit a business owner and ask them how their season is going. Feel inspired when the year changes and launch a 2020 “resolution,” even if it is a small one.

A Resolution from Hermann

In 2020, Hermann makes the pledge to continue appreciating and sharing the colorful history of this incredible town. As more visitors come to enjoy the sunsets over the river and relish the award-winning vintages, Hermann will continue its oath to preserve all that makes the area so special. Cheers and Happy New Year from Hermann!

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