Rosy cheeks, cozy seats and legs kicked up by a roaring fireplace. Just picture that for a moment. 

Winter hobnobbing in Hermann is somehow both exclusive and inviting. This rugged rivertown treasure is filled to the brim with charming spots to rest your weary soul and imbibe in the winter season’s warm and cozy beverages.

Go for the perfect cup…

Maybe you have just hopped off your saddle after a chilly morning ride on the KATY trail. Nothing sounds quite as good as a piping hot cup of Joe. But in Hermann, you’ll quickly find that your choices are not limited. The quaint coffee spots here offer extensive drink menus that will appease just about any craving. 

The talent behind the espresso bar is delightful, too! Expect total satisfaction from your cup of deep, dark espresso with a sliver of lemon rind or an iced cold brew with a creamy hazelnut topping. The folks in Hermann sure know their way around a bean!

Plus, the comfy seating is perfect for some light reading, creative writing, or a cozy visit with friends. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming for both individuals and groups. You’ll also come across some unique and intricate gifts in these shops that you’ll more than likely want to make your own! 

Stay for the perfect glass…

Maybe it is a bit later in the day, and you’ve been enjoying the shops and sites in Hermann. But, it’s time for a break for your feet and a few drinks for your constitution. You are in precisely the right place to settle down and enjoy a seasonal microbrew, a fine wine or maybe something a bit stronger—if the day’s activities have you feeling spent. 

With your feet up and glass in hand, it is easy to relax and take in the impressive historic architecture as you sip and savor. From brick facades boasting stacked cases of award-winning bottles to near-ancient cellars filled with skillfully fermented barrels—there is more than a century of beverage-making history in Hermann just waiting for you to explore. Not sure what might strike your fancy at one of these spirited establishments? Lean on those at the tasting counter to guide you toward an excellent choice. 

Plan your visit today

Hermann is the place to eat, drink and enjoy this year. So don’t wait—experience it all for yourself!

Visit Hermann this weekend to marvel at the history and culture of this river town, take in all of the festivities and discover your new favorite beverage!


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