As the groom brushes rice from his new bride’s hair and her train is bunched carefully into the seat, the newlywed couple turns to wave from the back window. They’re off to their tropical getaway!

This traditional send-off is classic, lovely and exciting. However, some couples are opting to decrease the pageantry (and stress) in favor of spending more time soaking in the event and less time rushing off to the honeymoon. 

As weddings become more elaborate, requiring time off from work and more travel, it can be challenging for couples to carve out the standard amount of time necessary for wedding preparation AND their honeymoon. Not to mention, overall expense is undoubtedly affected in these large-scale events.

Behold the inception of the mini-moon. This idea has recently become more popular and Hermann businesses are happy to oblige with helping you to plan the perfect mini-moon.

What is a Mini-Moon?

A shorter, post-wedding honeymoon is such a welcome opportunity, after an exhausting wedding experience. A mini-moon actually has a few different purposes. And don’t judge the trip by the name—a mini-moon can be just as lavish and romantic as the main event! 

The mini-moon might be simply an overnight or extended weekend stay in the town or venue that held the ceremony. Keep it effortless and plan more extravagantly for your honeymoon. A mini-moon should serve as an intimate and relaxing start of a new life together. 

A mini-moon can act as a sort of interview process for your future rendezvous spot. It provides the opportunity for a couple to carefully check out the venue for their more grandiose and lengthy honeymoon further down the road.

It’s worth mentioning that a big benefit of the mini-moon is that this quick getaway doesn’t majorly extend the necessary vacation time from work. Taking a mini-moon allows your conventional honeymoon to take place six months after the wedding. Include all that you want from your trip without missing the chance to celebrate directly after the event, too. Plus, there is more time to save funds between the wedding date and the “real” honeymoon at a later date.

If you are getting married in Hermann, wouldn’t you appreciate the chance to unwind and experience the town after all of your hard work? A mini-moon in this quaint old-world village is a relaxing and entertaining way to reflect on the day and celebrate each other after what might have felt a bit like conducting a circus.

This mini-moon plan is sounding more and more delightful! Imagine retiring to an ornately decorated, luxurious and cozy guest suite in a Hermann suite after your wedding. Slipping off your high heels and enjoying a glass of champagne together while reminiscing about the event that you have finally seen come to fruition. You don’t have to pack your bags right away, contend with boarding a plane, or worry about responsibilities you are leaving behind. Just sit and talk to your new spouse and know that you have all the time in the world to build your new lives together.

Look into Hermann lodging for your perfect mini-moon getaway and congratulations!

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