With Valentine’s Day coming up, maybe you have been wondering…
What is the best way to make someone you love feel special?

Have you ever prepared a surprise sunrise spread for a loved one? Have you been treated to that yourself? Waking up to the smell of bacon frying or french toast browning can’t help but put a smile on your face. Maybe it’s wafts of fresh ground coffee that motivates you to place one foot off the side of the bed—a nice hot cup of scintillating brew that you did not have to make for yourself…lovely! With a stay at a Hermann Bed & Breakfast, you and your loved one can both experience a deliciously prepared breakfast without the work.

Hermann Bed & Breakfast establishments want to outdo your expectations. What’s your favorite breakfast? Chances are that you can speak with B&B owners ahead of time and have your tastes dialed in to order. From the use of local ingredients to rare specialty items and lots of coveted family recipes, plan to be greeted with a meal that is sure to please. Many of these cooks are readily familiar with dietary restrictions or specific nutrition plans, so if what you need to start your day is 32 oz of green smoothie or enough gluten-free syrup to drown your coconut flour waffles, they are prepared to make a meal that suits.

A Bed & Breakfast stay in Hermann is completely customizable. There are rustic farmhouse cottages, meticulously-decorated historic guest rooms, and posh luxury suites. All of the onsite proprietors share the goal of making your experience a spoiling one. Amenities range from conveniences such as wet bars to ensuite jet tubs, and cozy personal fireplaces or patios, but all B&Bs include an amazing breakfast. For an extensive menu of breakfast offerings, browse through the convenient catalog of available B&B lodging in Hermann. 

A fancy feast first thing in the morning is reserved for those extra special times. When you stay in a Hermann Bed & Breakfast, be prepared to indulge in some tasty pampering.

All of the area B&Bs are happy to host your getaway, and Hermann will be ready with delicious award-winning wines, endless entertainment, and gorgeous surroundings. So, treat yourself and your special someone to an overnight at a Bed & Breakfast where you can enjoy all that Hermann has in store for you, sleep peacefully, and wake up to a delicious and indulgent home-cooked meal.

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