How about a little unexpected fun in Hermann?

Going for a walk in the woods of Hermann, you come to a scenic spot that overlooks the magnificent Missouri River. Throwing down a picnic blanket, you empty your basket of delicious German treats, hand-selected in Hermann. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a small box tucked into a knot in a downed log. Upon closer inspection, you find this box is filled with children’s treasures, a slip of paper and something to write with—you’ve stumbled upon a geocache without even trying! 

Geocaching is an activity for everyone!

Geocaching. What IS it? This fun outdoor activity has been captivating imaginations for years. It combines GPS or compass skills, familiarity with surroundings and some clever instinct —but anyone with a zeal for exploring can play. Some hunts in geocaching end with a treasure (like the one you found in the log), but many of the ‘finds’ are simply landmarks. In this case, there is often a particular marker or defining characteristic that you are searching for. Once you report the find, you pick your next target—quite a bit like a real-life video game. Collect your caches! 

There are enormous online registries of geocaches throughout the state of Missouri. The activity is a great way to get your family outdoors to explore often overlooked areas. Geocaching is also an excellent date activity or simply a good personal challenge. If you opt to visit Hermann on a beautiful day this winter, consider geocaching your way through town! If you are going to be off the beaten path during your search, browse downtown Hermann first to grab a few inexpensive trinkets to trade out in the cache. 

A Hint to Get You Started…

Hop onto or download the app and get ready for adventure. You will find hundreds of recorded caches in the surrounding area—both “trinket trade” caches and landmark caches are rampant here. The Gasconade County Courthouse is home to a historic cannon, which is just one such geocache. To claim it as “found,” there are a few steps to take. Learn about the history of the cannon, make your mark in the registry and “catch” the desire to explore Hermann in this unique way.

Geocaching offers the chance to feel like an explorer while becoming acquainted with places or monuments that you might otherwise miss. For a more homebound audience, virtual geocaching also exists. This activity is a fantastic way to learn about the area. Make sure to add Hermann to your list of places to go for an adventure. Hidden fun awaits! 

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