Resting comfortably in the middle of the country’s heartland, Hermann will delight any guest. Located next to the Missouri River and nearby bluffs, the city of Hermann awaits any visitor fortunate enough to drop in. The quaint city of Hermann is overflowing with all the American small-town charm you could ever dream of. It is rich with a tradition that dates back centuries. When you visit Hermann, you will be gifted the opportunity to enjoy everything the area has to offer. Settled in 1837, German explorers selected the area because of its luscious green scenery, rolling hills, and understated charm.

Hermann has much to teach you, and you can start your educational journey here. Find out more about Hermann’s heritage, see lists of parks, schools, and churches in town, and learn about the Hermann Area Chamber of Commerce.


The area has deep German roots that announce themselves via the area’s wineries, brewery, and annual festivals. Back in 1837 when the area was first explored by German settlers, it was described as a “howling wilderness.” The town has evolved a great deal since those early days. Fortunately, the people of Hermann carefully respect its cultural roots. The German influence can still be felt via the area’s charming wineries. You can also walk past hundreds of buildings that developers erected in the classical German style.

City of Hermann

Are you familiar with the city of Hermann’s resources? Whether you are looking for a park to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon or seeking the best healthcare available for your family, we have you covered. Hermann also boasts a variety of wonderful churches and schools. We encourage you to educate yourself about our city.


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